Nominate your favorite hockey coach for a chance to win a $300 Team lunch and a pair of MN Wild Tickets!

TRIA is proud to support Minnesota Hockey and Youth Hockey Coaches. Every month a coach will be selected as the Coach of the Month as part of the TRIA Youth Hockey Leadership Award.

The TRIA Youth Hockey Leadership Award will be awarded to a youth hockey coach (at any level) who displays good sportsmanship, provides a positive youth sports experience, teaches positive life skills and demonstrates respect for players and officials.

Coaching youth sports requires a time commitment, but the coaches who really stand out are dedicated to being the best coach they can be every time they walk into the rink. This includes being prepared, having a positive attitude and evaluating how they can improve their own coaching as well as how they can best help the kids.

We welcome parents, players, officials and other coaches to nominate coaches.

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